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Selling digital products online has never been easier than with SellApp. This changelog highlights enhancements that help you sell faster, easier, better.

Storefront builder & platform upgrade

In today's update, we are releasing one of the most impactful additions to the platform in the form of the SellApp storefront builder. With the storefront builder, you can now create a highly customizable storefront without touching a single line of code.

The builder is jam-packed with features that make it a breeze to drag & drop to your heart's content, yet not be overwhelming or deviate from the SellApp experience you have come to know and love. Customers visiting your stores will experience significant load speed improvements, no matter the country they hail from.

Finally, we've taken the opportunity to thoroughly improve the SellApp dashboard and its functionality, making it more intuitive and less prone to accidental mistakes.

1 year and over 100.000 lines of code later, it's not an understatement to say that this upgrade is the most comprehensive yet. Given that this spans all aspects of the SellApp platform, we'll be providing a high-level overview of changes — but we'd like to emphasize that these changes are best experienced first-hand.


  1. New: A drag & drop storefront builder, create the store of your imaginations without touching a single line of code
  2. Improved: Comprehensive upgrade to the SellApp dashboard, embeds, and checkout
  3. Fixed: All bugs reported by the SellApp community
  4. Pricing: All plans removed, fee rate decreased. We now charge a flat 3% fee per sale. Existing subscriptions will be honored until they expire
  5. Docs: Updated to provide more accurate information throughout, new builder docs added

We are eager to hear your feedback and hope all of these changes will bring you plenty of joy, but more importantly, arm you with the tools to build a lucrative online business.

Happy selling!

Checkout refactor

In today's update, we've released a completely refactored checkout flow. Where we first started with a simple checkout flow that only needed to calculate the price and optionally a coupon code applied, this grew more and more complex with the addition of processor fees, VAT, and more.

While the code worked fine, it wasn't as modular and easy to build on top of as we'd liked. Hence, we decided to completely refactor the checkout flow and payment calculator to be modular, robust, and leave no room for inaccuracies.

This change brings immediate benefits in the form of up to 33% faster checkout flows. Longer term, however, this helps us build innovative ways with which we can leverage the checkout. More on this soon.


  • Complete refactor of checkout flow
  • Improved orders search to find accurate customer email
  • Shifted support channels from email to live chat (faster responses and clearer overview)
  • Removal of one-time SellApp review email
  • Misc. UI changes across the dashboard

Coming up next

In our next update, we'll be continuing to refactor and improve aspects of the dashboard and storefront. If there is something you would like to see changed, don't hesitate to let us know via live chat. Happy selling!

Revamped analytics

We've continued our efforts of completely revamping aspects of the dashboard. In our latest update, we've focused our efforts on the dashboard chart and underlying database queries.

Visually, the revamped chart comes with a fresh lick of paint with nifty additions that make changes in revenue more discernable. Where the chart previously felt out of place and rushed, it now has some oomph and solidly looks the part on the dashboard.

Under the hood, we've overhauled the way data is aggregated and re-calculated. For you, this means that loading data has become blazing fast (by a factor of ~10 v.s. old implementation) and you can more swiftly switch between timeframes without waiting for seconds while data is re-calculated.


  • Complete revamp of dashboard UI/UX
  • Improved database queries related to fetching and re-calculating statistics
  • Fix visual bug for PayPal purchases
  • Misc. minor UI changes across the platform

Multi-role support

In the latest update, we've made it possible to add support staff with multiple roles to your store. This helps you add dedicated team members that can access multiple resources, rather than just one.

Imagine you have a staff member that deals with customer support tickets, and a customer is asking for a refund. Previously, this staff member would either be able to access tickets OR orders, so they would not be able to carry out this customer's request.

With today's update, that is now possible. You can add the Ticket role to this staff member's account, as well as the Invoice role, plus whichever other role you expect this staff member to have.


  • Implemented support for multiple roles
  • Improved platform database queries
  • Complete revamp of customer object and dashboard (thanks to the above change)
  • Upgraded underlying infrastructure

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